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Everyone wants something fresh and new. It’s the New Year isn’t it? And you’ve been dying to do a room makeover, right? It’s probably one of your New Year’s resolutions. But who has the time to buy and figure out everything? For sure, not all of us has enough to spare to do a room makeover even if we’re dying to!

Hey, that’s why we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up the best Etsy sellers who can redo your room in a snap! The joys of online shopping and delivery right? More importantly, it’s handmade and unique which is why we adore Etsy sellers. You get a high quality item that’s not easily bought off the shelf. You will impress guests in your next party with the effort you put into redecorating. Without giving away the secret you got them all online! It’s easy and convenient—transforming your room in a flash.

Let’s begin!

Sometimes a redo can be in smallest of details. Personalized cotton linen prints on a frame can add that loving touch to any home.


From Lemon Milk Designs

Never neglect your windows. Sometimes all you need is just new curtains to bring in the sunshine to your room. These handmade floor length gray and white printed curtains are so chic!


From Batesons Boutique

The quickest way to redo a room with that much needed spice can be as simple as adding wall decals. If you have a blank wall and can’t afford art—wall decals is a great alternative. It’s inexpensive and not difficult to do yourself. This lovely decal over a couch is simply a knockout!


From Wordy Bird Studios

Splash your room with color. Pillows are the easiest trick to redo a room. You can pile or stack them up making your space look all brand new. We’re totally into this rainbow vibe throw pillow.


From Love Joy Create

Have you ever looked down to notice your floors? They may need some TLC. Just jazz it up with this geometric black and white rug! It’s the perfect contrast to any room that is oh-so fashionable.


From Not A Rug

We’re done with your room makeover from top to bottom. What do you think? Easy as pie.

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