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Cupid is in the air and wouldn’t it be a thrill to be whisked away to an exotic location with your special someone? Travelling expands the mind and allows a couple to build great memories. The sights, sounds and the excitement of a new place…

Of course, since we’re into bedrooms; we just couldn’t resist checking on the most romantic hotel rooms out there. While sightseeing is on the itinerary, who wouldn’t want an amorous boudoir waiting for them at the end of the day?

These rooms will certainly tickle your inner wanderlust.

1. Como Shambhala Estate-Bali, Indonesia

If you ever had lush, tropical dreams you might actually be thinking of Bali! It is truly paradise on earth and these suites from Como Shambhala Estate is absolutely breathtaking. The sensual play of white and wood is a lovely combination.



2. El Fenn– Marrakech, Morocco

Morocco has its own unique style especially in interiors. The lavish bedrooms play with color and texture that is a feast for the senses. Dramatic and opulent, beauty is found everywhere even in the tiniest of details.



3. Bellevue Syrene-Sorrento, Italy

A suite with a sea view is luxury at its finest. The rooms bespoke a playful and imaginative design that will leave one in awe. Undoubtedly passionate in a serene way, these bedrooms are fantastic gems to be treasured.



4. The Langham Sydney – Sydney, NSW, Australia

The bedrooms evoke an old world’s romance that appeals to all the ladies. It is classically elegant that makes one nostalgic. An homage to a bygone era this boudoir makes your trip to Sydney unforgettable.



5. The Michelangelo-New York, USA

Be in New York but feel like you’re by the Italian coast, as these bedrooms are marvelously made. The suites have a sophisticated elegance in warm neutral colors. It conjures sweet memories and an aspirational lifestyle.



6. Four Seasons Gresham Palace– Budapest, Hungary

Gracious and stunning, the bedrooms feel like a contemporary palace. Modern and elegant, it makes anyone feel like royalty.




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