Quick Tips to Organizing your Bedroom


A normal person would probably spend six to eight hours sleeping in their bedrooms. Add another two or three hours for getting dressed, pampering and romance. When you total it up, it’s more than likely that you spend 12 hours in your bedroom everyday—making it the most important and used room in the house! Doesn’t it make sense to always have your bedroom organized and clutter-free? Well, a lot of people probably don’t make the time to tidy-up. This adds loads of stress to one’s daily routine. If your New Year resolutions include getting organized, why not start with your bedroom?

It’s simple. Follow the Sort, Toss, Organize and Keep rule. First, you have to set an amount of time to do this especially if your goal is to make your bedroom a sanctuary of peace and tranquility.

Sort is going through all your items piece by piece. It may be daunting at first but work your way slowly tackling each area at a time. For example, doing your bed and bed side tables first and maybe doing your closet last. Most would agree, our closets have the most sorting out needed. This is also a great advice as dividing the areas that need organizing will allow you to focus on each part until you get to the grand picture.

Toss means throwing away anything you don’t use anymore. A good rule of thumb are clothes and items not used in the last six months. This also applies to broken, old and torn items. Try not to be a sentimental hoarder and learn to let go of things that aren’t useful for you anymore. Your bedroom should reflect the current “you” and future dreams. Start it if off right by donating anything you placed in the toss section. Somebody might be in better need of your teddy bears.

Organize happens when you’ve already paired down the essentials in your bedroom. Having separate and distinct areas for your needs is part of smart organizing. This helps keeping clutter at bay. Check out the cute storage ideas we’ve found.


From Dorel Asia


From Bed Bath & Beyond



From Ikea

Keep is synonymous with being tidy and having a cleaning schedule. Once a week for a quick spring cleaning and once a month for a total re-do is a must. Hope our how-to quick tips helped, now get to it!


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