How to Create a Wall Gallery


Have you seen homes that beautifully display photos on their walls? Do you wonder how’d they do that?!? They look aahh-mazing.

Displaying art is especially difficult, can you actually train your eye to have that artistic approach? You certainly can! Creating a wall gallery is not as challenging as it may seem. Follow these steps and get ready to jazz up your space.

1. Decide what pictures, works of art or photos you want displayed. You may want to hang them all up like a collage but this can look messy. We’re aiming for a classic look so try to trim the number to workable figure.

2. Select the wall. Many homes have bare walls that are in need of that necessary touch up! The hallway, the back wall of your living room or entrance wall are popular choices.





3. Frame them! A good choice would be to have matching color frames or select those with hues and textures that complement each other. This makes the wall gallery look very much like a museum. It syncs all the pictures using frames.




4. After you’ve chosen which photos to place, lay them down on the floor. This helps you visualize the look before you start nailing them. Try mixing horizontal and vertical images as this would add depth and body. It’s also a great idea to have images in varying sizes. The juxtaposition of portraits do liven up your wall gallery giving it character.




5. Do take a back step after you’ve laid them all down on the floor. Check it from every angle especially if you’re comfortable with how it looks. It may be a game of puzzles trying to piece the perfect images together but well worth the down time to decide before you take in the plunge

6.Use painter’s tape to mark the frames on your wall. It will help you in terms of alignment as well as making sure you have enough photos to fill in the space. Start first with your most favorite image and work your way outwards. This serves as the wall gallery’s focal point drawing the eyes in towards the other pictures.




7. Select sturdy picture hanging hardware from your local store. One picture ideally has two nails but depending on the size, it can vary from one to three.

And voila! You have a flawless wall gallery in your own home.


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