How to Create a Wall Gallery


Have you seen homes that beautifully display photos on their walls? Do you wonder how’d they do that?!? They look aahh-mazing.

Displaying art is especially difficult, can you actually train your eye to have that artistic approach? You certainly can! Creating a wall gallery is not as challenging as it may seem. Follow these steps and get ready to jazz up your space.

1. Decide what pictures, works of art or photos you want displayed. You may want to hang them all up like a collage but this can look messy. We’re aiming for a classic look so try to trim the number to workable figure.

2. Select the wall. Many homes have bare walls that are in need of that necessary touch up! The hallway, the back wall of your living room or entrance wall are popular choices.





3. Frame them! A good choice would be to have matching color frames or select those with hues and textures that complement each other. This makes the wall gallery look very much like a museum. It syncs all the pictures using frames.




4. After you’ve chosen which photos to place, lay them down on the floor. This helps you visualize the look before you start nailing them. Try mixing horizontal and vertical images as this would add depth and body. It’s also a great idea to have images in varying sizes. The juxtaposition of portraits do liven up your wall gallery giving it character.




5. Do take a back step after you’ve laid them all down on the floor. Check it from every angle especially if you’re comfortable with how it looks. It may be a game of puzzles trying to piece the perfect images together but well worth the down time to decide before you take in the plunge

6.Use painter’s tape to mark the frames on your wall. It will help you in terms of alignment as well as making sure you have enough photos to fill in the space. Start first with your most favorite image and work your way outwards. This serves as the wall gallery’s focal point drawing the eyes in towards the other pictures.




7. Select sturdy picture hanging hardware from your local store. One picture ideally has two nails but depending on the size, it can vary from one to three.

And voila! You have a flawless wall gallery in your own home.


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Photo Credit: schadenfreude lola Wicker Paradise danor shtruzman Elvert Barnes


Romantic Hotel Rooms


Cupid is in the air and wouldn’t it be a thrill to be whisked away to an exotic location with your special someone? Travelling expands the mind and allows a couple to build great memories. The sights, sounds and the excitement of a new place…

Of course, since we’re into bedrooms; we just couldn’t resist checking on the most romantic hotel rooms out there. While sightseeing is on the itinerary, who wouldn’t want an amorous boudoir waiting for them at the end of the day?

These rooms will certainly tickle your inner wanderlust.

1. Como Shambhala Estate-Bali, Indonesia

If you ever had lush, tropical dreams you might actually be thinking of Bali! It is truly paradise on earth and these suites from Como Shambhala Estate is absolutely breathtaking. The sensual play of white and wood is a lovely combination.



2. El Fenn– Marrakech, Morocco

Morocco has its own unique style especially in interiors. The lavish bedrooms play with color and texture that is a feast for the senses. Dramatic and opulent, beauty is found everywhere even in the tiniest of details.



3. Bellevue Syrene-Sorrento, Italy

A suite with a sea view is luxury at its finest. The rooms bespoke a playful and imaginative design that will leave one in awe. Undoubtedly passionate in a serene way, these bedrooms are fantastic gems to be treasured.



4. The Langham Sydney – Sydney, NSW, Australia

The bedrooms evoke an old world’s romance that appeals to all the ladies. It is classically elegant that makes one nostalgic. An homage to a bygone era this boudoir makes your trip to Sydney unforgettable.



5. The Michelangelo-New York, USA

Be in New York but feel like you’re by the Italian coast, as these bedrooms are marvelously made. The suites have a sophisticated elegance in warm neutral colors. It conjures sweet memories and an aspirational lifestyle.



6. Four Seasons Gresham Palace– Budapest, Hungary

Gracious and stunning, the bedrooms feel like a contemporary palace. Modern and elegant, it makes anyone feel like royalty.




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Top Ten Interior Design Instagrammers To Follow


We take it seriously when we want your Instagram feeds to be filled with all things pretty. And these instragrammers are quickly making a buzz with their beautiful photographs and artsy projects. We like their aesthetic, humor and witty approach to creativity. Hurry and follow these game changers now.

1. Kelly Wearstler

Her romantic appeal never ceases to amaze us.


  1. Jasper Conran

Stunning and fresh, we gush over his eye for detail.


3. Knibb Design

Environmentalist and modernist, a winning combination.


  1. Angela Kounna

Charming and lovely décor that is oh-so elegant.


  1. Florence Deau

And they say, the French always does it better.


  1. Kemble Interiors

Bringing the “cool factor” in interior design.


  1. Bri Emery

Colorful and cheery that is sure to make you smile.


  1. The Everygirl

How to be stylish, effortlessly.


  1. Jessica Helgerson

Candid and adorable, homey interiors at its best.


  1. Candice Leigh

Delightful finds with a witty take on interiors.




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Mood Board: Spring 2015 Colors

mood board; spring 2015; pantone colors of the year; 2015

We’re a few weeks into the New Year and I just had to share with you our latest mood board. Based on Pantone’s Spring colors for 2015, they’re undoubtedly wonderful. It captures the brightness of a sunny day with friendly colors of tangerine and custard. The blue reminds you of the colors of the sea making one crave for summer.

Combining the colors using a mood board is a fun way of seeing how your decorating ideas work together. We’re totally digging the coolness of the Mediterranean, captured when you mix up these hues.

Loving the orange blends—that is sure to be magical!



mood board; spring 2015; pantone colors of the year; 2015



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Room Makeover Made Easy


Everyone wants something fresh and new. It’s the New Year isn’t it? And you’ve been dying to do a room makeover, right? It’s probably one of your New Year’s resolutions. But who has the time to buy and figure out everything? For sure, not all of us has enough to spare to do a room makeover even if we’re dying to!

Hey, that’s why we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up the best Etsy sellers who can redo your room in a snap! The joys of online shopping and delivery right? More importantly, it’s handmade and unique which is why we adore Etsy sellers. You get a high quality item that’s not easily bought off the shelf. You will impress guests in your next party with the effort you put into redecorating. Without giving away the secret you got them all online! It’s easy and convenient—transforming your room in a flash.

Let’s begin!

Sometimes a redo can be in smallest of details. Personalized cotton linen prints on a frame can add that loving touch to any home.


From Lemon Milk Designs

Never neglect your windows. Sometimes all you need is just new curtains to bring in the sunshine to your room. These handmade floor length gray and white printed curtains are so chic!


From Batesons Boutique

The quickest way to redo a room with that much needed spice can be as simple as adding wall decals. If you have a blank wall and can’t afford art—wall decals is a great alternative. It’s inexpensive and not difficult to do yourself. This lovely decal over a couch is simply a knockout!


From Wordy Bird Studios

Splash your room with color. Pillows are the easiest trick to redo a room. You can pile or stack them up making your space look all brand new. We’re totally into this rainbow vibe throw pillow.


From Love Joy Create

Have you ever looked down to notice your floors? They may need some TLC. Just jazz it up with this geometric black and white rug! It’s the perfect contrast to any room that is oh-so fashionable.


From Not A Rug

We’re done with your room makeover from top to bottom. What do you think? Easy as pie.

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Quick Tips to Organizing your Bedroom


A normal person would probably spend six to eight hours sleeping in their bedrooms. Add another two or three hours for getting dressed, pampering and romance. When you total it up, it’s more than likely that you spend 12 hours in your bedroom everyday—making it the most important and used room in the house! Doesn’t it make sense to always have your bedroom organized and clutter-free? Well, a lot of people probably don’t make the time to tidy-up. This adds loads of stress to one’s daily routine. If your New Year resolutions include getting organized, why not start with your bedroom?

It’s simple. Follow the Sort, Toss, Organize and Keep rule. First, you have to set an amount of time to do this especially if your goal is to make your bedroom a sanctuary of peace and tranquility.

Sort is going through all your items piece by piece. It may be daunting at first but work your way slowly tackling each area at a time. For example, doing your bed and bed side tables first and maybe doing your closet last. Most would agree, our closets have the most sorting out needed. This is also a great advice as dividing the areas that need organizing will allow you to focus on each part until you get to the grand picture.

Toss means throwing away anything you don’t use anymore. A good rule of thumb are clothes and items not used in the last six months. This also applies to broken, old and torn items. Try not to be a sentimental hoarder and learn to let go of things that aren’t useful for you anymore. Your bedroom should reflect the current “you” and future dreams. Start it if off right by donating anything you placed in the toss section. Somebody might be in better need of your teddy bears.

Organize happens when you’ve already paired down the essentials in your bedroom. Having separate and distinct areas for your needs is part of smart organizing. This helps keeping clutter at bay. Check out the cute storage ideas we’ve found.


From Dorel Asia


From Bed Bath & Beyond



From Ikea

Keep is synonymous with being tidy and having a cleaning schedule. Once a week for a quick spring cleaning and once a month for a total re-do is a must. Hope our how-to quick tips helped, now get to it!


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2015 Art Trends


Art is the expression of the artist’s imagination. To a homeowner, art brings personality to the room. It can also reflect their taste, lifestyle and outlook. In interiors and home decorating, having art is part of the creative process. It is a road of inspiration wherein one would love to fill their homes with beloved objects d’art.

To bring in the enthusiasm of 2015, the current art trends predictions can make one’s heart all aflutter. The big news is the growing use of digital photo artwork and digital painting. The main advantage of using digital art is that it’s a whole lot cheaper than buying real artwork. It’s customizable to fit any size or use any color. The downer is that you don’t own a novel piece. Digital works can be reproduced in the masses so you may encounter many dopplegangers. But hey, if you don’t mind having copycats—digital art is the way to go.

Digital art also known as the new media art is no doubt a revolution. It has changed the way artists produce their work and has increased a global appreciation for technology based paintings.

If you’re looking to upgrade your space, pop culture will be a stylish trend. It’s a blend of fun and whimsy that can spice up any room.




From Orlando Arocena

Vintage done in a modern classic fashion will also be all the rage. It can add that magic and spellbinding touch.


From Ise Ananphada


From Marina Corton

Superheroes and gaming art is seen to a perennial favorite. And why not? It brings out the child in anyone.


From Angga Tantama


From Alex Cash



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Bed Décor Ideas


The bedroom is fantasy land. It is the only room where you can be adventurous as possible, showing off your personality. It’s a very personal space as well, the only dwelling that showcases the intimate you. If you would like to add some whimsy to your bedroom, then here are our ideas.

A Mad Hatter’s clock with the numbers backwards. Isn’t that wicked?



From The White Rabbit Com

Tea time will never be the same again with this rare 1912 WM Rogers Victorian tea set. It’s lovely to use or just as a bright ornament in your bedroom.



From The Oyster Pearl

Off beat art displays.

Faux Taxidermy Art

From Faux Taxidermy Art

A home for your precious baubles. A green Armoire Cabinet Case.


From Huckleberry Vntg

A room wouldn’t be complete without a full length mirror.


From Urban Outfitters

Charming 50s-60s inspired terracotta vases from Atelier Stella Vases.


From West Elm

Some California cool with this Terrarium Suncatcher from L.A. Glass Studio


From Urban Outfitters



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5 Must Have Interior Design Books


Expert advice condensed into gorgeous pages will certainly get you out of a design dilemma. Our must have interior design books are packed with wonderful and practical ideas. More importantly, the pictures alone will be a source of major inspiration. Recapture the home elements and get ready to transform your space. These books are sure to open your mind to the beauty of interiors and take you on an amazing adventure.

  1. American Beauty by Thom Filicia

Who doesn’t love “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”? Here Filicia takes you on a journey as he redecorates a house redefining the Americana look. His thoughtful approach to interior decorating makes you want to delve into the spirit of a home and bring it to life.



  1. The Big Book of Interior Design by Maria Vittoria Capitanucci, Alessandra Coppa and Chiara Savino 

The title itself emphasizes the gigantic proportions of this book as it features styles from modern, vintage, minimal, surrealist, pop, mediterranean to oriental. It truly embodies inspired interiors with its global perspective.



  1. Eat, Drink, Nap: Bringing the House Home by Soho House

An English perspective to interiors is nothing short of being bloody spectacular! Its illustrations will leave you breathless as it captures all things interior—the grit and the glamour, the style and the cosiness.



  1. Essential Elegance by Jose Solis Betancourt and Paul Sherril

Stunning and sultry, this book captures every home owner’s dream. It is able to elevate the drama of interiors with its regal and opulent approach. It characterizes a well-lived home and a desirable lifestyle.

essential elegance


  1. Residence by Thomas Hamel

Art and interiors can never be separated as it is best shown in this book. Full of sophistication, interiors become instant classics exuding excellence at every turn.




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Photo Credit: Thom Filicia Amazon Amazon Amazon Amazon

Essential Sleeping Habits


Sleep is the most important time of the day. It helps the body rejuvenate and relax. When we were young, we dreaded bed time. As we age, we may also be sleep averse preferring to stay up all night and party up! However, the constant lack of sleep does take a toll on your physical, emotional and mental health. If you are having trouble sleeping, it’s time to reevaluate your night time habits. Ask yourself—


Do you drink coffee at night?

Do you smoke or sip on some alcohol?

Do you exercise regularly?

Do you often take naps?

Is your bed and bedroom a mess?

If you said yes to most of these questions, then you haven’t adopted essential sleeping habits. It’s necessary you have a routine of sleep and waking hours—even during the weekend. Napping too close to bed time can also disrupt sleep. So does caffeine that may cause you jitters. Smoking and alcohol also disrupts sleep as it functions like coffee—body stimulants. Exercise also brings in the ZZZzzz as your body becomes physically tired. There is an ongoing debate as to whether exercise is better at night or in the morning; and this really depends on your body’s response.

In the same way, many look forward to a relaxing bath before going to bed. But for others it wakes them up! Why not experiment and see what works for you? Your transition to sleep should be as calming as possible thus, try not to overstimulate your senses. Working and checking your emails is definitely not a good idea before bedtime. Try to meditate, breathing deeply in and out to calm your nerves. It’s almost like counting sheep!

Don’t forget a clean and tidy bed and bedroom is essential for a restful atmosphere. Your bedroom should have a cozy ambiance with dim lights and not much noise. Drink some chamomile tea, turn off the television (plus laptop & cellphone) and indulge in a good book. Essential sleeping habits form over time so try some of these ideas and see what works for you. You know it’s working when the quality of your sleep improves. You should wake up feeling alive and fresh. Remember, it’s not about the quantity but the quality of sleeping hours.


If you still have problems sleeping especially for a long period of time, then consult a doctor—you might have an undiagnosed ailment.

In any case, cozy up on the comforts of your bedding and pillow. Think of good and grateful thoughts and we wish you blissful nights!

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Photo Credit: Brinks Alo Bruce Berrien