2015 Art Trends


Art is the expression of the artist’s imagination. To a homeowner, art brings personality to the room. It can also reflect their taste, lifestyle and outlook. In interiors and home decorating, having art is part of the creative process. It is a road of inspiration wherein one would love to fill their homes with beloved objects d’art.

To bring in the enthusiasm of 2015, the current art trends predictions can make one’s heart all aflutter. The big news is the growing use of digital photo artwork and digital painting. The main advantage of using digital art is that it’s a whole lot cheaper than buying real artwork. It’s customizable to fit any size or use any color. The downer is that you don’t own a novel piece. Digital works can be reproduced in the masses so you may encounter many dopplegangers. But hey, if you don’t mind having copycats—digital art is the way to go.

Digital art also known as the new media art is no doubt a revolution. It has changed the way artists produce their work and has increased a global appreciation for technology based paintings.

If you’re looking to upgrade your space, pop culture will be a stylish trend. It’s a blend of fun and whimsy that can spice up any room.




From Orlando Arocena

Vintage done in a modern classic fashion will also be all the rage. It can add that magic and spellbinding touch.


From Ise Ananphada


From Marina Corton

Superheroes and gaming art is seen to a perennial favorite. And why not? It brings out the child in anyone.


From Angga Tantama


From Alex Cash



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